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Muslim Pro is by far one of the most popular and widely-recognized apps on different platforms. It has all the necessary features that help a Muslim to follow all their religious duties during a day. It has been created to make lives easier and guide people through their way to become better Muslims. Thus, one should realize that Muslim Pro download is the most viable option instead of having a different application for Salah times, Quraan and other important things.

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Salaah times

The biggest advantage of this application is that it automatically calculates and displays almost accurate prayer times virtually in any part of the world. There might be small inaccuracies because of settings on the device which can also be manually corrected.

Another significant feature is notifications about the Salaah times. It is possible to set different modes such as device default, silent with pop up notification or sounds including the Athaan. When at work, the notification sound can be switched off for convenience.


The app also has a built-in compass with the possibility to upgrade to premium version. This is straightforward: it is used to accurately detect your Qibla and pray to Allah without having to worry and you need to turn on the navigation on your mobile device to do so.
This feature comes handy both for those who perfectly read Quraan in Arabic version and understand it as well as for those who need the translation. The app automatically suggests the translation of the sacred Quraan into your language, which could be downloaded as an extra small file. The reading experience itself is also amazing with adjustments of Arabic scripts in several styles. It also keeps the reading progress for convenience. In case reading is not possible or you are working, you can enjoy the audio version of Quraan read by someone else.

Additional features

You can also use the Halal Places feature to find the restaurants or cafes around you which offer halal meals. Also, there are the locations of Masjids around your places in case you are travelling to another place where you do not know the actual location of masjids
Muslim calendar displays the Islamic and Gregorian dates in comparison and lists important dates for Muslims.There are several other features in the references section of the Muslim Pro app which include the 99 names of Allah, duas which are very useful and important in daily life, Tasbih for those who want to glorify the name of Allah and Zakat calculator.

There are more and more things to explore in this useful application and everyone is sure to find their favourite in Muslim Pro. It certainly helps people to manage both their daily as well as holy duties by reminding them that it is time to pray Allah or if they want to do the reading, Quraan is in their hands.

The application is free to download and use most important features for everyone. However, it can be upgraded to Premium to unlock new features that will make the use of the program more pleasant.

Muslim Pro

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